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Imagine a place, where force and ease can float together, giving in the best of both worlds. Imagine joyful events and thoughtful projects, great thinkers and passionate creators, arts and science joining forces. Inspiring and challenging each other to discover, explore and preserve the most important values we have: the beauty of nature and human connection.



The LOV is a growing cross disciplinary community of visionaries and inspired minds from all over the globe. We are driven by a passion for the powerful momentum of collaboration. Our vision is to evolve and create impact on an environmental level using fresh ideas and smart technologies.

To put intentions into action and to materialize our sustainable mission we founded  LEAGASEA - a non profit platform to create and to communicate,  support and promote projects with a focus on plastic waste reduction in Southeast Asia. We are convinced to find new answers to global challenges at the place where solutions are needed. This philosophy gives birth to our initiative to build and develop a floating future- and collaboration base.


The INDAH HATI will be our sanctuary, ambassador and a great vessel of attraction, setting sails to bring people together with the exclusive comfort of time, in an environment full of inspiration.




Michael Schneider

project initiator, entrepreneur, boat designer |

Anna Pilipenko

lawyer | co-founder of Holzmarkt 25,, re:kreators 

Achim Anscheid

lead design | Bugatti


Oliver Oster

entrepreneur |

Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-05 um

Marcus Börner

business angel, author: managing happiness  |


Frank Sippel

ecopreneur |,

Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-05 um

Mariusz Kreft

digital transformation coach


Bernhard Meschede

entrepreneur, winegrower, software developer 


Martin Breuer

entrepreneur, artist | EOS Nation

regional director Asia



The idea to LEAGASEA was inspired by our travellings through Southeast Asia and the passion for traditional sailors. As so many others we were astonished by the beauty of this region and likewise shocked by the massive plastic pollution these countries are facing. The simple fact of being and living there triggered us to think in new ways about possible solutions and technologies that could help to make a change. Based on this experience and after a research trip for the building of a traditional schooner we decided to open up the project to a community and dedicate the ship to a sustainable mission. To use it as a powerful tool bringing inspired minds together right where solutions are needed.


Southeast Asia alone is responsible for more than two thirds of all plastic waste, with Indonesia playing a special role as the second largest emitter of oceanic plastic waste worldwide. A real hotspot and, due to its fragmented infrastructure, one of the most challenging countries in terms of plastics recycling and waste management. At the same time the Indonesian archipelago is one of the most beautiful, precious and valuable ecosystems of our planet.


LEAGASEA will support, develop and implement concepts and new technologies to make a significant impact on the reduction of ocean plastic waste, the protection of biodiversity and to raise public awareness about climate change. LEAGASEA manifests the future legacy that our league is aiming for and thus, everybody from LOV members to guests on board are invited to become a passive, active or supporting member. 


Our core activities are:

  • fundraising, organization of congresses and workshops, on- and off board 

  • support, development and implementation of innovative technologies, economical strategies and processes in the fields of management, recycling, eco-friendly reduction and destruction of plastic waste

  • support of local projects, groups and initiatives through knowledge transfer and financial means

  • planning and execution of expeditions and research trips

  • promotion of environmental awareness through actions, information and production of documentaries

  • operation of a marine research platform onboard for data collection, research & analysis, hosting guest experiments and to work as an interactive interface between guests and environmental topics

  • sustainable operation of our ship


LEAGASEA will be officially launched as an NGO right as the building of the ship commences.. During the construction period of three years, the association will use this time intensively to prepare and activate our sustainable mission.  Which will include:

  • defining and prioritizing fields of work

  • integrating various event formats 

  • research on technologies, organizations and partners

  • establishing a network

  • planning and installation a marine research lab on board 

LEAGASEA will be responsible for the climate neutralization of our trips and flights in cooperation with our partner go2-greenevents. The platform will also plan and manage the ecological use of resources and waste management on board.  This includes:

  • 10 kWp solar power system

  • Battery bank to store unused generator and main machine capacities 

  • Minimising the consumption of fossil fuels by:

    • smart control of energy-intensive systems such as air-conditioning units

    • use of bio gas for energy-intensive equipment

    • optimization of sail area for minimal machine operating hours



The INDAH HATI, a traditional schooner planned by the renowned marine architect Michael Kasten. Inspired by the Dutch pinnaces cruising these waters in the 16th century, it combines the spirit of traditional Indonesian shipbuilding with an individual boutique style, innovative energy, communication and safety systems. With its length of 65 m and a width of 12 m it can host up to 32 guests. Composed of 3 comfortable and spacious suites, 11 cabins with ensuite bathrooms, plus 25 crew members in separate cabins. More than 800 sqm of living space over three decks, offering an abundance and variety of space for both - private and community activities. A floating home and future base to explore  one of the most spectacular and far out regions in the World - the archipelago of Indonesia.



Indonesia. A tropical island kingdom stretching over thousands of kilometers. With more than 17.000 islands, of which only about 6.000 are inhabited. The possibilities to discover and to explore are endless: landscapes, islands, maritime worlds, people of different cultures, a flora and fauna that is unparalleled.

On the contrary, Indonesia is the second biggest plastic polluter in the World. It is a country that is highly susceptible to the threats and effects of climate change like no other. A hot spot for the global challenges human mankind is going to face in the next decades.  


Our ship will cruise the archipelago all year round. Between May and September along the southern island chain of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores and Timor.


During the winter monsoon, in the period between October and February, we will sail the northeastern waters - Raja Ampat, West Papua and Banda Sea - where the weather is best for this region, at this time of the year.


In March, we’ll move westwards via Sulawesi and Kalimantan, or along the southern islands back to Surabaya on Java, where our schooner is serviced and maintained every year in a dry dock.


All along our route the temperatures stay between 26°C and 31°C, all year round. The various destinations that our ship goes to hop-on and off can be reached over Bali international airport.



Are you interested in becoming a LOV member? 

  • We are open for partners and investors  | Please see PDF for more information

Do you want to participate, support or connect? We are looking for: 

  • Supporters, partners, institutions, local initiatives | to connect with 

  • Journalists/Writers/Blogger | content writing 

  • Designer | web-design







Michael Schneider

Kastanienallee 13

10435 Berlin  Germany

+49 152 242 94 777

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