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✔   Cost free access to the ship  up to eight weeks per year
 Invite your family and friends to join you 
 Unique expeditions to places you have never been before
✔   First look on impact projects that can change the world

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A community-owned vessel tackling global challenges 

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We are uniting selected thought leaders, innovators, environmentalists, and scientists aboard a community-owned vessel to tackle global challenges, foster deep bonds, and explore the remote maritime regions of Indonesia.

As a community member, you will frequently embark on voyages with like-minded individuals, going beyond mere exploration to forge a collective effort in the Indonesian archipelago for the preservation of Earth's last untouched paradises.

By uniting visionary minds and compassionate souls, we aim to address key global challenges, making each expedition a testament to sustainable ship voyaging, ocean stewardship, and a catalyst for action.



We are forming a purpose-driven tribe, regularly called to join on our co-owned sailing vessel with a commitment to making the world a better place by uniting ideas and forces.

Core Initiatives

• Initiatives Launch: Targeting severe plastic pollution.
• Collaboration: With educational and scientific institutions 
• Awareness Raising: About regional ecological challenges.
• Tourism Innovation: Pioneering eco-friendly ship operations.
• Eco-Brand Development: For responsible maritime travel.

Commitment to Sustainability
Our comprehensive sustainability framework addresses all negative emissions from operations and guest transport, striving for a net positive environmental impact and encompassing all project. 



Boasting 17,000 islands, extensive coastlines, and a rich cultural mosaic, Indonesia is an unparalleled natural wonder. 

Yet, its pristine paradises, home to the richest marine biodiversity, face growing threats from increasing tourism and ocean plastic pollution. 

Our commitment is to explore this paradise responsibly, dedicated to preserving its splendor for the future.



Dr. Lawrence Blair | Adventurer & Filmmaker


‘ Indonesia, often called 'the last wild bit at the bottom of the garden of our world,' remains a largely unexplored paradise. A sister- and brotherhood aboard a traditional sailing ship, commits to exploring and showcasing this earthly paradise. Warring for global stewardship isn't confined to dusty offices; it can thrive aboard a magical ship amidst heavenly surroundings. An idea whose time has arrived.’ 


Dr. Lawrence Blair is an explorer, filmmaker, author and public speaker on the peoples and creatures of Indonesia. His onboard companions have included Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Sir Peter Scott, Ron and Valerie Taylor, Sir Michael Cowdray, Baron Von Schenk, Larry Summers, Richard Dawkins and numerous luminaries, less publicly known, in the fields of science.  | 



Our ship utilizes wind and solar power, features an advanced energy management system, and is crafted from restored wood, setting a new standard in eco-conscious marine traveling.

Tradition & Innovation
65 m liveaboard schooner built in local tradition
Equipped with the latest technologies for communication, navigation, and sustainable operation

New Travel Era
Designed to pioneer in the new era of cohesive traveling and to host events, on- and off-shore
800 qm living space on 4 decks, 11 cabins & 3 suites 

Discovery Hub
Marine research lab, Audio/Video-production studio
16 pax dive station
Two 16 pax tender boats



Join the LOV as a Member and Mission Patron and play a crucial role in our mission to preserve South East Asia's last paradises, showcasing the viability of sustainable maritime travel.
Leverage the ship and its amenities for your personal journeys and expeditions. Tailored for larger groups, the ship offers a perfect environment for educational activities and collaborative projects. 

Investment Structure
Share Availability:
4 shares, each valued at $950,000.
Total Investment Sum: $3.8 Million
Capacity: 4 shares available to 1-4 individuals
Token Bonus:
10% on initial investment, amounting to $95,000




Ocean Conservation

Your capital fuels efforts to reduce ocean plastic pollution in Southeast Asia and supports the development of a model for sustainable maritime travel.


Full Ship Access

Allocate two weeks per year, per share to utilize the ship and its facilities. Host your events, embark on expeditions, or enjoy leisure time with loved ones. Valued at approximately $200,000 annually.


Suite/Cabin Rights

Receive access for up to eight weeks annually, inclusive for two persons. Estimated value: $40,000 annually.

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Your Safe-Ship

In global emergencies, our vessel serves as a safe-ship for 25 individuals. Each investment share secures two spots, providing a refuge valued at $40,000, ensuring safety and peace.


Annual ROI

Receive a fixed 2% return on the investment.


Return on unused cabin time

Receive a 6-12% return on investment during years when you are unable to utilize your full allotted time.


Community Co-Curation: 

Invite your network to join the LOV as one of the 65 core members.


Governance Participation

Investors are empowered with decision-making rights and veto power over key business decisions.


©2023 LOV Funds Pte. Ltd. 

2 Havelock Road #07-13, Havelock 2
Singapore (059763) 

CEO: MichaelSchneider. Singapore Branch Registration No. 202306799M

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